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MYOG - Monopod Pole

I don’t own a real, full-size, tripod and actually haven’t had one since I bought my first digital camera, back in 2001. I have however had a small selection of small tripods to carry around, when I need to rest the camera on something more sophisticated than a fence, tree branch or say, a pile of snow and a glove. Of those portables, Gorillapod has proven to be most versatile, though I’ve had my share of trouble with them, breaking not just one, but two Hybrid’s during the last couple of years. A leg falling off in both cases, they were warranted by Joby, and today the Hybrid is still my go-to tripod for outdoors.

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Kite Skiing Expedition in Kaldoaivi

As an avid kite skier, utilizing prevailing winds to glide across snow covered ice, on lakes or in the Baltic Sea archipelago, it has been a dream of mine to take this method of transport into the fells. Recently, winters here in the Southern Finland have been rather mellow, limiting especially the amount of sea ice to a bare minimum, shortening the season for this captivating sport. Therefore it was with great pleasure that I accepted an invitation from Alma Arktika to join a kite skiing expedition in Finland’s largest wilderness area, Kaldoaivi, back in March. An article was published last spring in the Finnish SURF & KITE & SUP -magazine, fresh upon my return, and now with the new season about to kick in, it’s time to revisit this great experience in this blog as well.

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