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Bikerafting in Suvisaaristo

Had a couple of hours free time, and headed to Suvisaaristo by bike to paddle a bit on the sunny sea. Weather was way good for any serious trial for the packraft-fatbike combo, but the backwash from larger boats running too close already revealed it to be quite tipsy, and wasn’t eager to find out how it would be (im)possible to turn the package around once capsized (need to try it at some point on shallow water though).

I rode to Hyljelahti and inflated the raft on the nearby beach, and toured around the Ryssjeholmen and Granholmen islands, and then headed to Matasaari, where I found the narrow passage between the mainland and the island, just fitting under the small bridge with my payload.

I first had planned to paddle through the Svinö sund, but the traffic was pretty intensive, with big boats coming out through the narrow channel pretty fast (despite the speed limit…), and I bailed out, wanting to prevent capsizing the raft at a tricky spot.

Packed up and on the bike again, I hit the Hanikka trails and duckboards, and continued back home, fun little outing in the neighborhood!