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It was time to introduce my daughter into packrafting, and Meiko’s nature reserve in Kirkkonummi was chosen for the location, with only 30 minutes drive from our home. Nature around lake Meiko is very similar to Nuuksio, with good network of trails also suitable for mountain biking. There are no cottages around this clear watered lake, which gives the place a feeling of being out in the wild.

We started the day by hiking on trails on the northern side of the lake - picking huge blueberries, listening loons crying out on the lake, and enjoying the lack of crowd (it was Monday). Stopping on the sloping rocks we waded in the warm shallow water, and observed fishing loons with binoculars.

After late lunch on the shore, inflating the packraft and jumping onboard, we paddled around the lake, following the contours and going around small islands. At one point we heard a high pitched, whistling sounds above us, and with a quick look around the nearby treetops, a large Osprey’s nest was found on top of a solid pine. We paddled a bit further, allowing this talented fisher to calm down and return to the nest, and took out binoculars. We spent perhaps half an hour just gazing over the nest and following the Osprey’s flight.

Around 5 hours of hiking and paddling behind us, and weather starting to close in, we aimed ashore on the northeast corner of the lake, packed up and walked back to the car. My daughter was slightly disappointed we could not stay overnight (we weren’t prepared for it), so guess we will be coming back again soon!