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It was time to introduce my daughter into packrafting, and Meiko’s nature reserve in Kirkkonummi was chosen for the location, with only 30 minutes drive from our home. Nature around lake Meiko is very similar to Nuuksio, with good network of trails also suitable for mountain biking. There are no cottages around this clear watered lake, which gives the place a feeling of being out in the wild.

Torronsuo National Park

Weather forecast looked all sunny, so I took my daughter for an overnight hike in Torronsuo, near Somero, over the weekend. Torronsuo is a national park, and one of the largest bogs in southern Finland - perhaps the most scenic among them.


Looking for a destination for a trip with the family into someplace warm and sunny, we ran across an island I never had paid attention to earlier - Menorca. Menorca is one of the Balearic Islands (including also Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera), and among the four perhaps the most pristine and peaceful (with majority of visitors coming from Spain). We booked the trip only couple of weeks prior to departure, and ended up on the western side of the island, near the city of Ciutadella.