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Medvastö Bikerafting

What a great weekend outdoors! I was taking it easy last week after catching a tiny cold (perhaps something to do with last weekend’s paddle in the rain, and was eager to get out on the weekend, catching up on all the missed opportunities. Luckily the weather was simply great, with the Friday night storm and all.

Wet but Not Miserable

Right after the trip to Väliväylä in June, a plan was set for an autumn trip, and after some consideration between bug and weather prospects, early September started to look like a good timing for the trip. Originally plans pointed towards Saarijärvi (Saarijärven koskireitti), but getting closer to date we decided to cut a bit of driving and headed towards Pomarkku. The plan was to paddle down the Karvianjoki from Harjakoski, connect to Oravajoki or Hanhijoki through Inhottujärvi and continue on Noormarkunjoki as far as we could get by Sunday noon.


It was time to introduce my daughter into packrafting, and Meiko’s nature reserve in Kirkkonummi was chosen for the location, with only 30 minutes drive from our home. Nature around lake Meiko is very similar to Nuuksio, with good network of trails also suitable for mountain biking. There are no cottages around this clear watered lake, which gives the place a feeling of being out in the wild.