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Bikerafting in Suvisaaristo

Had a couple of hours free time, and headed to Suvisaaristo by bike to paddle a bit on the sunny sea. Weather was way good for any serious trial for the packraft-fatbike combo, but the backwash from larger boats running too close already revealed it to be quite tipsy, and wasn’t eager to find out how it would be (im)possible to turn the package around once capsized (need to try it at some point on shallow water though).

Packrafting in Väliväylä

Here’s a short video from an overnighter near Kouvola, paddling part of the Väliväylä route. We started from Väliväylän Etappi (shop/bar in Kannuskoski), where you could also get the fishing permits (7 EUR for 24 hrs), and finished in Mankki. The river had less flow than I hoped for (almost none at all, except for few short rocky rapids), so I was playing keep-up with my friends on a canoe - a great trip nevertheless!

Paddle Down Siuntionjoki

Took a paddle down the Siuntionjoki last weekend, from Sågars fors to Prästgården - paddling and bushwhacking with nice constant flow with easy rapids. Great fun for packrafts, and worked well for a kayak as well.

Not much difficulties on the way (if you don’t mind a bit of bushwhacking, and climbing over, around and under tree trunks), except being aware of the strainer at the end of one of the longer stretches of rapids. I stopped on the side safely, but while climbing on the trunk, a driftwood log stuck on it rolled over the packraft and pinned it down in the current - solution was to deflate the raft completely and pull it out, as there was no way moving the log.