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Slice of Vantaanjoki

Video of a quick hike'n'paddle down Vantaanjoki with Marko, through three rapids: Pitkäkoski), Niskalankoski and Ruutinkoski. For the future reference, discharge was as follows (from Ympäristökeskus):

I have paddled these rapids few times before - few years ago with a canoe and quite recently also with a packraft. It is best to go during spring floods, when these rocky rapids are easier to maneuver and give you a fun ride - especially the last one, Ruutinkoski. Good starting point is Pitkäkosken Ulkoilumaja parking lot, from where it’s a short walk to the start, a low head dam at the bridge where Silvolantie crosses Vantaanjoki. And once finished, it’s a straightforward hike back, following the trail along the southern bank of the river. If scouting is necessary, then it’s best to do this in reverse order, there’s a car park next to restaurant/kiosk Wanha Pehtoori which is a stone’s throw away from Ruutinkoski.