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Paddling Isojärvi National Park

Few years ago, we kicked off a continuous roll of overnighters, something we call ‘Outdoor Monthly’, as a loose group of friends who enjoy outdoors. Initially, we planned for reasonable one night (or one trip, that could be few nights in duration) per month schedule, but despite the best efforts, we haven’t been able to do it every single month. But it’s the idea and the effort that counts, right, and each month we do our best to make it happen, on top of other activities each of us do on our own.

Morning fog

Lauhanvuori National Park by Bike

Each time I visit family and relatives in Ostrobothnia, I try to reserve some time to head outdoors and visit interesting places hiking, paddling, cycling or whatever is appropriate for the given season. One of the gems I found this summer was the Lauhanvuori National Park, southwest of Kauhajoki, which I visited by bike in July.

Best known as having the highest ‘mountain’ (a true mountain indeed in the scale of Ostrobothnia) in Western Finland, rising 231 meters above sea level, and of its ancient seashores, called ‘kivijata’ or ‘jata’, this national park extends across roughly 54 square kilometers of hardwood forest with podsolic soil, with springs, ponds and small lakes to enjoy, and of course those aforementioned boulderfields and different types of bog.


Made in Finland - Ukkomatti 100

This review introduces a new sub-category which will focus on outdoor products made here in Finland. From cottage to large companies, these will either be products that I’ve purchased and/or owned for some time, or which I have handpicked for testing. However I will not be presenting anything that I would not myself normally use, or find useful.

With this quick introduction, let’s jump to the first product in the series, and the company behind it. Alcohol consumption in the woods is hardly a trending topic for an outdoorsy discussion, but many, myself included, appreciate a dram of whisky or a shot of something of their liking at the end of the day. Proven good also for the digestion after a heavy dinner by the fire, it’s a modest habit that I’ve had for years. Not much of a drinker otherwise, I think outdoors is where for example a good whisky excels.

Ukkomatti 100