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Canon 5D

Long live the DSLR!

Despite various micro four thirds and other mirrorless systems, digital single lens reflex cameras are still hugely popular also amongst consumers and prosumers, especially APS-C sized DSLRs flying off the shelves. Reasons can be debated, but for me, having stepped down from a film SLR (Canon EOS 5 at the time, with the neat eye controlled focusing) to a more or less pocketable cameras and camera systems when digital picked up, DSLR represents uncompromized control and handling (on top of suberb image quality of course). Therefore, despite the bulk and vast array of mirrorless systems (some of which I’ve tested), I’ve been drawn to it time and again. Despite my constant graving, I never bought one before last year, picking up a Canon 6D - the most affordable full frame body to date.

Revelate Designs Bikepacking Gear

When purchasing a fatbike roughly two and a half years ago, one of the goals was to build a rig that could easily be used for mixed terrain bikepacking, year around. Any mountain bike is a great platform already for such endeavors (such as bikerafting up and down a river), but the simplicity of a solid, non-suspended frame helps to tackle a heavy payload, and fat tires give a clear edge on varied terrain.

Bush Buddy Ultra

In 2012 I started to look into options to cut down the use of my waste inducing gas stove, and while liquid fuel stoves would work (and also built one of those DIY meth stoves, out of two cans of Red Bull), I was quickly drawn by the idea of wood burning stoves and did some simple but empowering trials of DIY stoves to get myself started.